Shirley has been both my yoga and now my Pilates teacher over the past 8 years. She is a very knowledgeable instructor and constantly strives to remain current and fresh in her teaching. She is always challenging us and encouraging us to do our best. And she definitely has an eye for detail. We also take time to be friendly. You can workout anywhere, but it’s nice to also build relationships along the way. Some days, that’s the real motivation. Then the workout happens. I highly recommend ForEverFit Pilates Studio.

Enjoy getting stronger...
— Angela B.
Pilates has helped me strengthen my body and improve my flexibility. Shirley has taught me the correct way to perform the exercises and has given me opportunity to work on a variety of equipment.

I have worked with Shirley for over a year and I am very impressed with her knowledge of Pilates. She plans balanced workouts that strengthen the whole body by using floor exercises, reformer and chair. Shirley really enjoys sharing her love and knowledge of Pilates with others.

Shirley has challenged me to try exercises I thought I would never be able to do. She is able to modify any exercise to meet my skill level and then encourages me to strengthen my body to be able to perform the exercise at a more advanced level. Shirley is a very experienced and talented teacher.

I love the change to work on a variety of equipment during a lesson. Shirley has reformers, chairs, and even a cadallac. I love the way she uses the equipment to add variety to workouts while helping you to become stronger and more flexible.
— Jane S.